Why We Should Travel


This world is Big. As we know the earth is round, wherever you go you’ll back at your place. There’s so many ocean, country, city we haven’t seen yet. Some people like to travel the world for new adventures and experience. But there’s so many reasons we have so we can’t do it. You know , like not enough money, don’t have time, don’t have experience and there’s many reasons. As we know we need much money to spend for travelling to buy ticket, hotel, food, souvenir and many more. But actually travel is the only things that will make you richer. Richer not in financial but richer in experiences, adventures, knowledge and you can make stronger bond with your partner while you travel with your couple, bestfriend or family even while you travel alone. It’s about emotional feeling you get while you travel. So I make list why we should travel

Travel reduces stress

All of us must be stress with our daily activities. Whoever you are, you must had it. All the pressure from work, school, friends, family and many more. The only thing which can reduce your stress is Travelling. It gives you happiness, experience, smile and you forget all your problem and stress. And escape from your suck life.

Making Memory

If someone ask you, what you have done or what is the unforgetable moment you have. I’m pretty sure you wiill need time to think and digging into your brain to find what it is. Because all your life just happen at work and home. You don’t have that experiences. By travelling you will find the answer, people ask you the same question. You will have a lot of photograph you took while you travel to show off to your friend. Making a great memory with your travel partner that will last forever even when you die. Buying present for your friend from city you’ve visited always makes you excited.

Travel Makes You To Be Story Teller

After you back from travel you suddenly become a great story teller. When your friend ask you about what you did there? You tell them from a to z about what you have done there with your gesture to make sure they experiences it by their self and make them curious about your story more and more.

Meet New People

By travel you ‘ll meet new people along the way of your journey. The people with same destination with you. Some travelers sharing their tips about travel, give some advices about food or places to go. And this person always keep in your mind forever even you both can share contact information.

Learning and Education

Visit new country and seeing new place give you knowledge. You can learn about their culture, history, economics, attitude and many more which you can’t have at regular school.

Regain Your Enthusiasm for Work

After your travel journey you have to get back at work. You will feel more energized after the break you take. You feel like all your power have regain. And you will work harder to gain more money for your next trip.

Appreciating Home

After your long journey you feel tired and you miss home. This is where you get homesick. You tired about being away from home, you miss your home. Your daily activities, your friend and family. And you realize how beautiful places you go, there’s no comfort as home.

Well, travel always give you experience you haven’t had before. Give you more to appreciate and it can discover your own self or your patner true behaviour. Just enjoy every journey you had. You’ll find how valuable it is.


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