Country You Must Visit at Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia

Well after read my post about Why We Should Travel and Signs You Have Wanderlust you start to thinking about going travel. Why not try with southeast Asia? There’s many beautiful and exotic city in southeast asia. The reason you should travel to southeast Asia because Southeast Asia is a combination of vivid cultures, fascinating food, variance in languages, customs, cultures and friendly local people. Southeast Asia also offer you the wildlife, beautiful beaches, interesting attraction and delicious and unique street food. This is 4 country you must visit in Southeast Asia.


1. Thailand
You will find Buddhist Temple throughout Thailand which worth to visit because most people in Thailand are Buddhist. Most tourism always visit Buddhist temple while in Thailand. Most popular Temple in Thailand are Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew. Besides the Temples, you must try Thailand street snack. Thailand has various delicious street snack and cheap. From Bangkok, you can drive to Phuket to visit the hidden paradise and beautiful beach as your destination in Thailand.


2. Malaysia
Malaysia consist from three ethnic groups (Malay, China and India) which brings their own touches to their food. Malaysian Cuisine offer you a different and wonderful taste from three ethnic become one delicious food. The fusions of influence from three different ethnic you can find here. The fusions can be seen from their colonial architecture, Grand Mosque Buddhist and Hinduism Temple. The Twin tower or Petronas tower also worth to visit, it’s a landmark of Malaysia.

pic :
pic :

3. Singapore
Singapore is the luxury Country among the southeast Asia. Most people in Singapore is Chinese, but there’s India and Malay. There’s many things you can find here. Singapore offer you one and only Universal Studio in Southeast Asia this is the most place visited by tourist. Other place visited by most tourist is Marina Bay which gonna be second landmark of Singapore. While in Singapore you can go easily by their local vehicle, its’ very cheap. At night in Singapore you can spend by visit the Skyline it will give you breathtaking.

pic :
pic :

4. Indonesia
Indonesia is the biggest continent is Southeast Asia because it’s really big. Indonesia has 17.508 island and has over 300 ethics and language, the large ethnic is Javanese and largest Muslim majority. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia. Indonesia has 5 main island (Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Sulawesi and Papua). When talk about Indonesia most tourist in the world only know about Bali because it’s always become most popular destination in the world. Bali offer you with beautiful beach Hinduism cultural and beautiful sunset. But apparently Indonesia is more than Bali. There’s many city to visit because Indonesia offer you so much various culture from various ethnic and language and also various traditional food. Some city in Indonesia offer you hidden paradise but so little known by people, you may ever heard about Raja Ampat in Papua, Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta, Gili Trawangan in Lombok, and Karimun Jawa in Jepara. Those places are very famous among tourism, but believe me Indonesia is too big to explore.

Well those are my favourite Country in Southeast Asia. Is their yours?


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