Are you jelous?

On Saturday night two lovers sitting face to face in a cafe. The cafe’s light is not to bright, it’s romantic with the folk love song. The cafe is not really noisy, maybe because it’s rain outside so not many people come. This two lovers bird order one cup of capucino and one cup of green tea latte, also a plate of french fries. ┬áThe woman laugh by the man jokes, they seems really in love. I was sitting behind them, I heard they’re talking and it makes me change my perspective.




Woman : Don’t you jealous to me, because there are still many man want me and trying to get me?

Man : I don’t.

Woman : Why? You supposed to be jealous and threat them because I’am yours.

Man : Do you want me to do that?

Woman : Umm, I think that’s what other man will do.

Man : I am not other man. I have my own opinion. I know, there’s a lot of man want you and trying to get you. I won’t let it bother me. I trust you, I don’t care if they like you, want you, love you. It’s their right and it’s their business with you, as long as I know that you only want and love me and so do I. So, why do I have to deal with something unnecessary?

Woman : I don’t know what to say. This is why I love you.

What the man said is true. I never think this way before. I will feel bother if someone trying to get my boyfriend/girlfriend. I will trying to stop them. But, what he said change the way I think. Why would I wasting my time to something unnecessary like that? I don’t know if some people out there think the way like him. I just found this once. What do you think? Give me your opinion below.